Wednesday, April 30, 2014

45. A Conversation between 3 HSCT survivors, about how things are - Some Thoughts:

У́мный в го́ру не пойдёт, у́мный го́ру обойдёт.

 Literal: A smart person will not climb a mountain; A smart person will go around it.

NOTE: This is a screen shot reproduction of a private conversation on a closed FB group. I thought the exchange had real importance, and since my energy is low, thought it would be nice to share it here.  I asked each person who is part of the conversation, and both were enthusiastic that I post and didn't want their names redacted. 

So here you see cooperation toward our shared goal.  It is easy to not catch emotion in written text, as we all know. Spoken conversation gives us so many important clues. But lacking that, we just have to be very clear to ask for clarity when needed so the meaning is accurate, don't we. If you ever confuse a writer's intent or emotional context, it is so much easier to ask for and get clarity.  No back-biting - clarity. Yes? If you are ever confused by the 'tone' of something I say, please ask me where I am coming from. It's never anger or rancor, truly. It's passionate, often, particularly about HSCT for all those who need it. 

Susan Dean (USA) I am in HSCT now here in Moscow, Russia with Dr. Denis Fedorenko
Ramgopal Vallath (India) did his HSCT in Chicago, USA, with Dr. Richard Burt
Linda Martin (USA, currently UK) did her HSCT in Chicago, USA, with Dr. Richard Burt

We agree we are 3 of the luckiest people in the world!

How unfairly life's good fortune is sometimes distributed.
                                  Leo Tolstoy, WAR and PEACE

This does not represent a breach of their rights, nor mine, and no other portions of the longer conversation needed to add in. This is enough:

See how simple it is to unite our understanding toward a shared important goal?

A quick note to RamG, who is my HSCT MS friend, but we have not yet met:  I will one day meet you! Thank you for all you do to get the information out for HSCT. It takes us all!

A quick note to Linda Martin, who is my HSCT (CIDP) friend and solid mentor and sometimes travel companion and, almost without a doubt, a life-long dear friend.  We think a lot alike, and we walk about the same pace, too. "Thank you for everything, all your info, all your support, all your goodies, all the shared laughter, and for giving me your carte blanche to quote you anywhere, anytime.  I love you!  Photo (below) is Linda, dedicating a fine Pear Ale to me upon celebrating her immense upward trend in bowling scores (shhhh, I won't tell). Linda not only went back to her career work full-time after HSCT, she took a company position in UK, to boot.    BACK TO LIFE! HSCT

UNRELATED NOTE FROM ISOLATION: Doing fine, my mini-blinds are now open (thanks to Dr. F's shared laughter and intervention) and I have now got the most gorgeous springtime view of trees blossoming, again. When you do your ISO day, open your mini-blinds!  Der!  

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