Thursday, April 24, 2014

37. RED LETTER DAY: Stem Cell Implantation - We DID IT!

Только добро погибает юным.                                               

                                         Only the good die young.

Well, RED LETTER day for one more! And lest my quote throw you off, knowing that it's far far far too late for me to die young, I am still using it.  I am the oldest person ever to receive HSCT in the Moscow Pirogov treatment program. And I am the first to be 'cured' of CIDP.  Some new doors opened for further advance of treatment here in Moscow!

This will be a short text post. I am going to sleep a while. But it went well. It was intense, but nothing like a Hollywood  Blockbuster. I got very low BP, dizzy, pressure in chest, pressure to cough-feeling in chest, and numb legs, dizzy and the room spun quite a while. but then it was over and within half an hour or so, all machines came off and I felt more or less like me before it. AND I didn't die. 

It is a tradition here to go through a ceremony of sorts, tossing the cryogenic fluid that has stored your stem cells, watching it (and your autoimmune disease) evaporate down the hallway. Here are the pics. Okay, more later. . . . . .   Day Zero is today: April 24. And now I count up.

  TO GOOD HEALTH!  Thank you Dr. Fedorenko, and part of today's team:

Dr Denis Fedorenko

These are a few more of the best medical and hospital staff I have ever in my life had the great pleasure to meet. I will be forever grateful to each, and remember them always.

ps. The one on right shaved my head AND injected my stem cells - cool, huh? She's a GODDESS!

 That's a wrap!

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