Saturday, April 12, 2014

26. Solumedrol - Neupogen

Краткость -- сестра таланта.                                                    

                                                Brevity is the soul of wit.

Just the shortest post today, having proven over and over I have no wit.

I'm making stem cells like crazy, apparently.  

Yesterday and again today I have had an IV of Solumedrol (steroid) which is to help with the inflammatory pain associated with Neupogen injections, which also began last night, which is to stimulate my bone marrow to over-abundantly mass-produce new baby stem cells "stemmies" as the HSCT community calls them. 

No embryo or babies stem cells used in this procedure, remember. 

The Solumedrol is making me have a hard time sleeping (well, perhaps also some online drama contributed, but that's a flash-pan issue and over). And it is making my hands shake. 

I have absolutely no bone pain yet. That's a good thing! My legs were stronger today and I walked about 2 miles, enjoyed a delightful Spring day AND found a shower stool for my cellmate, Sheeba, who is currently using a dining chair and can't close her shower door. Oh, and a make-up mirror, too. I have conqueured my new neighborhood!  Go me!

Okay. Move along. You can go back to your business and lives, and general news now. This is my only brief post. Enjoy it. 

I see they are still searching for the airplane; they're finally allowing drums in Cuba again; Pistorius is still weeping and puking; the police no longer are charging the baby with murder.  I wish I'd see a news headline that says "CURE FOR MS and AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES FOUND".  Nope - not yet. I hope the USA will someday soon put this story out there. So many need to know. 

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