Tuesday, April 8, 2014

21. The Power of One Person

Уче́нье свет, а неуче́нье тьма.                                                       Knowledge is power

Literal: Studying is light; not studying is darkness.

I just wanted to toss this up for anyone following my blog. If ever you think one person can't change the tide, think again.  Here is our own mini-Moses, leading MS patients around the world to a better future, one HSCT at a time.  I could not be prouder of this young woman than if she were my own daughter.

Now, think of who you know or love who has an autoimmune disease - MS, CIDP, Lupus, Sjogren's, Stiff Person Syndrome, (etc., etc), whose illness you might even have doubted at some point. Call them and put them in touch with the information about HSCT. Give them a chance at a healthy mobil rewarding future.

Kristy is making a difference.  YOU can, too!  Here is her blog:

Moving Mountains 2013

Kristy isn't the only one. Having your MS or AD halted is a pretty powerful and awesome blessing. There are many in our group who are speaking out, getting the attention of T.V. producers, going on the news and media pages across the countries (all over the world).

Big Pharma doesn't want this to become mainstream because there is NO PROFIT IN CURE. But we think people are more important than profit.  Don't you?  Come on! Pass the word!

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