Wednesday, April 2, 2014

16. Water Cutting Through Stone - Making News, One Patient at a Time

Ка́пля ка́мень то́чит.                  Little strokes fell great oaks.

Literal: A water drop cuts through stone.

I'm still enjoying my Moscow tourist days, cold as they are and rough as my legs are taking that cold, but some of my mentors for HSCT are out there making an impact. You might remember I have CIDP, and will be the 1st patient with CIDP treated in Moscow, but the process is exactly the same as my friends have already gone through for their MS.  Please see the following news reports featuring a few who have halted their MS and in a few cases eradicated even the lesions they expected to still have left. This first one is Vicki Taylor Wilson, and she is 6 months post HSCT (Moscow), in the news locally in Arkansas, USA, earlier this past week.  She has a blog, as well, and you can find that with the link here:    And here is her news segment (click on her photo)

And 2 more of my friends, one who has kicked her MS and another who will be arriving in Moscow for treatment for hers not long after I begin.  Meet the amazing Brooke Taylor Slick (left) and Diana Rees. Here is their effort to get the news out for those interested in not just maintaining their autoimmune illness, but halting its progress, curing the damage.  Again, you can click on the image to get to their video which was also shown in the USA, Pennsylvania this time.  These people are the tidal wave that will help us break the dam of information - and who will lead the way to healing MS, CIDP, and the other life-altering autoimmune illnesses that are currently making BIG Pharmaceutical companies very very rich.  CURE over maintenance!  Join the flow!

You can read Brooke's VERY informative blog (one of the ones I relied upon as I made my mind up to go to Russia for treatment) by clicking here:

Hello Russia, B'bye MS - My HSCT in Moscow

One drop at a time, the stone dam of ignorance is being eaten away. There is not only hope, there is CURE (okay, they won't let us say 'cure' yet because we have not all gone through a whole lifetime post-HSCT to show that relapse isn't evental, but more than 10 years out, the early ones are STILL healthy - I think that's 'cure').

Just waiting in the wings here in Moscow, waiting to be ONE MORE DROP.

I want to add this list again. Not all of these are currently being treated with HSCT, but all are blood-mediated autoimmune diseases and are in line for this. If you are, love, or know anyone with these, please have hope. Please keep reading about HSCT and please make your voice heard so more can be treated sooner rather than later. We are up against the very big money 'dam' of very lucrative pharmaceutical 'maintenance', and it's killing us!

The following illnesses will surely respond to HSCT, remission isn't that far away:

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