Wednesday, April 16, 2014

30.  Thanks to My Personal Team of Superheroes, We Got (this part of) the Job Done!  2.1 Million Stem Cells (check!)

Оди́н в по́ле не во́ин.                                 

                                               One can not conquer alone.

                                                        Literal: Single man in a field is not a warrior.

I know I've used this Russian quote before, but it's necessary again today. Today I finished my stem cell collection (another 5.5 hours) and all is well. Dr. Fedorenko says we are good to go (2.1 million).

So - just a quick note to update and to thank my personal gang of Superheroes who came to the rescue and helped me boost my stem cell output. I am certain you helped! I felt the POWER!

We all are stronger with the support of the people we love and who love us, aren't we!

Thanks, Ashley (Her magic doesn't always need a costume), Gage, Gavin, Connor, Chase, and even little 2 month old Ben, who suited up and helped Gram today.  WE are the Warriors!  I can't wait to be home and start our adventures anew!  Love you kids forever and true!

Everything is easier if you've got the right team standing with you, is it.

Coming up:  
  1. Rest a day or two (just got my octopus of tubes out of my juggler vein)
  2. New insertion: another octopus in neck on Friday
  3. Get a new hairstyle for Spring - shaving head on Friday, I think
  4. Saturday begins chemo:
Cyclophosphamide 200 mg/kg b.w. (SD) for for 4 days with a single dose of rituximab at the end of treatment (Rituximab 375-500 mg/m*2).

NOTE: to those coming after for HSCT, Dr. Fedorenko does not administer a dose of chemo before the Neupogen regimen as does Dr. Burt (Chicago). One of several of my friends who went through Dr. Burt's HSCT reports she did get chemo ahead, and produced a whopping 6 million stem cells, but with excruciating bone pain (not all report this side effect, however). 

I had little to no bone pain, no headache, no side effects of the Neupogen (steroid side effects of Solumedrol, just a bit wired, hard to sleep). And the goal for production is 2 million for transplant. I think this was just perfect for me. I hope those coming after can relax into the process as I have done and just let the good Dr. heal you!  

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