Saturday, April 5, 2014

18. My Last 'Free' Day - and the Sun is Shining in Moscow!

Пе́рвая ла́сточка весны́ не де́лает. 

                                                        One swallow does not make a summer.

Literal: The first swallow doesn't make the springto come.

I'm on my way out to enjoy my first sunny day in Moscow. Still cold, but tomorrow it is supposed to rise to 50 degrees F. and so I'm hopeful that Moscow's Spring has sprung.


Because everything here is in Russian, I've relied upon other information sites, postings, publications more heavily. The Moscow clinic follows strictly the "International Standard", meaning it's pretty much all the same clinic to clinic.

So, I wanted to provide the following link which is to the Chicago clinic performing HSCT for autoimmune diseases, under the FDA Medical Trial run by Dr. Richard Burt, Northwestern University Medical Center (DIAD). The information on this site is excellent, easy to digest and runs the gamut. There is a "Patient's Handbook" that gives one a step-by-step review of what to expect and on through the procedure and even the post-HSCT restrictions regarding foods, activities.  And since one of my next posts will be about food (tomorrow is my last day to have a normal diet, I think), that part in particular is on my mind today.

Autolobous HSCT at DIAD

And direct your attention to a particular article that you might find interesting. Remember that many of these refer openly to MS, though the same information (and nearly the same illness description) applies to CIDP, which I have, and to other blood-related autoimmune illnesses.  It will help you understand.

Stem Cells - Don't Believe The Hype

Okay, back out into the beautiful old Moscow I'm growing to love.  What a beautiful old city it is!

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