Saturday, April 26, 2014

39. IMPORTANT NEWS (not news to lots of us, but still)

Уче́нье свет, а неуче́нье тьма.
                                           Knowledge is power.
 Literal: Studying is light; not studying is darkness.

IMPORTANT: France ranks #1 year after year in the Healthcare rankings of the World Health Organization. The USA is currently at #37. 

We have an autoimmune epidemic growing in our Nation, alongside an Oligarchy bent on making more money for themselves, less health for our families. 

I'm completing HSCT for CIDP to heal now (in Moscow, Russia!), but it's hard to get into clinics, expensive to do so either in USA's 1 or in Europe's many.  It should be already (long since now) available readily and affordably in the USA. 

It's NOT readily available in the USA due to blocks in place by BigPharma money because of the truly massive profits in 'maintaining illness' in America. Yet the more effective 'cure' is being ignored and stymied via their 'ad budget' in pockets of legislators, FDA regulators. 

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Because we have not yet all stood firm and said "NO MORE!". Please do before it's your family shattered by something that can more easily and cheaply be 'cured' by HSCT than endlessly treated by lethally side-effect-loaded drugs. 

And, USA - let's stop the photo-op shouting "we're #1", and start to catch up before we LEAD again. Everyone needs to stand up and help correct this wrong. I'll be home soon. I'm going to hold this grudge until we dump the Oligarchy and get our people healed. Stand up with me, please! Learn about HSCT. 

Click this line to read the article and follow more info leads re the research/science, please

This 'ad' was brought to you by my new stem cells, currently re-populating my 
bone marrow so I can be healthy again. 

Okay, next post for HSCT-ready and interested, as I enter the isolation phase of treatment.  The nitty-gritty coming in post 40

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