Monday, April 28, 2014

43. Moscow, Russia and Susan's CIDP-HSCT Trip

Во́лка но́ги ко́рмят.
                                            A hound's food is in its legs.
 Literal: The feet feed the wolf.

That might seem a strange quote to use here. Read on.

My friend, Greer, said last night at dinner in SLC, UT, USA, one at the table said Obamacare doesn't go far enough, and that he's been reading about this woman with a rare autoimmune disease who had to go to Russia for stem cell transplant. Greer said, "That's Susan! - That's MY Susan". 

You know I didn't HAVE to come to Moscow (though it's true it's nearly impossible to get this in the USA), but it was more that I had not yet been to Moscow, PLUS Moscow said 'come, we can heal you!'. Let's keep the HSCT dialogue going - you never know how broadly your world can expand until you travel, nor in fact, what the reason for it might need to be. Safe travels, my friends. 

I'm still doing very well, still in isolation, waiting for the magic upturn bloods (Dr F just in, says 1-2 days more to bottom out) and then just time to populate these bone marrow manufacturing wonders inside me so I can come back home - surely only to depart again soon, often, for a lifetime (and healthy!) 

The world is small. We all belong to it, in it. No one should own it. We are in this together!

Each Nation's history is remarkable in time and its 'residue' of history exquisite, as you see here in some of the famed Faberge Eggs. I happen to love antiques, and the time and story they tell, and will be forever fascinated with searching out both.  I will be thrilled to leave CIDP behind me here, taking my better legs and energy back to the joyful task of my normal life, traveling, buying and selling fine antiques and learning the stories they represent. 

I have personally seen, finally, the Faberge eggs - in person. (I had to say that twice in that way because there is still such a "Holy Moly!" part of me).  How cool is that for someone like me? Alongside a myriad other of the tangible wonders of Moscow. I'd been to St. Petersburg before, too, but now I add Moscow and it's a city I will never ever forget for many many reasons. 

It's only the Oligarchs/Politicos who ruin any Country, after all. 

Below is the maker mark: Faberge - memorize it! If you find one, call me immediately (smile)

And I agree with our own Mark Twain on this one, 100%:

HSCT NOTE, Day 3 isolation:

Dr. Fedorenko has been in, my bloods continue to drop, and he thinks 1-2 more days (probably 2) until I am truly neupogenic, upon which time engraftment will begin to bring up my numbers. So a few extra lovely days,  perhaps, to sit and contemplate Moscow, to read and nap, and to decide where my CIDP-free (hound's) legs and energy will take me in Autumn. Always hunting, and need my legs under me to 'find aesthetic food, just the same'.  I LOVE planning my next trip! Almost as much as being in the middle of each one of them.  I'm lucky!

World Cow, (one greener-grass pasture at a time) signing off for today. I have a book to read and a nap to take. It's not all fun and games in here, you know.  Stem cells are working hard!

 (Very old pencil drawing postcard I drew and once sent to a friend, drawn in 1993 - story isn't worth the telling, but I think this is me, still - see me waving at you from somewhere there mid neck?)

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