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42. What Can be Worse Than You or Your Loved One Being Ill? Being Ill in the USA under Oligarchy Politics

Азбука -- к мудрости ступенька.                                  

You have to learn to walk before you can run. 

Literal: Alphabet is the step to wisdom.

I am only going to post this to remind you to please go WAY back to my BLOG POST #3 at about this point to see why I am here, and why there are millions of people in just our USA who are NOT being healed, but are being 'farmed' for profit-taking by one of a small sub-set of industries who are building from our very bodies and Democracy, an OLIGARCHY where they rule the world.  

RADICAL?  I would have said so a few years ago, in my complacent ignorance, as well.  But not now.  And THIS is vitally important to the HSCT story to healing. You must know this part, too, because you will get no respect from your Doctor at home and will be told to not worry - they are taking perfect care of you. It's a lie! 

I talked HSCT with my Neuro for 3 years! And then I just arranged it myself and paid for it and here I am.  Healing my body.  Sometimes you have to listen to your own research, question the 'norm', and be willing to do what sounds to some to be radical, even rash (because they do not know you've researched the entire hell out of a thing first). 

This following data chart is very old, 2000. We're well into an era that has completely eclipsed this, and the static about OBAMACARE is a smoke screen of epic Oligarchy size.  Why does the USA spend more on healthcare than ANY nation in the world, but stand dismally at only #37 in rankings?  Because  the greed for 47% profit margin on endless maintenance of illness is our medical business model. And it will not only fail for USA citizens, it will kill you.  The story is not one of how it's paid for - it is one of what is the product.  HEALING, research and proliferation of CURE, and we're all home free. But if the current 'normal' of endlessly giving you the next kind of over-the-top too-side-effect lethal drug to remove a symptom or two at a time is what you are doing, it is patient-assisted suicide (which I'm sure the legal teams have investigated) It is murder!

JUST ONE VERY PERSONAL ANGUISH FOR ME THIS WEEK:  A dear 'old' friend of mine found my blog this week (we've been out of touch except sporadically for 35 years) and she found this blog because she is frantically searching how to help her daughter whose autoimmune illness has been 'USA pharmaceutically treated' to the point it is not clear if she will live. My friend believed in her daughter's doctors. Don't we place such trust in them all. And there are good doctors. But they are, for THIS AUTOIMMUNE EPIDEMIC, not healing. They are pimping for Big Pharma, and they are WRONG in doing it.  But they, too, benefit financially the longer your child is ill.  She is one of 2 I know in this same situation at this same time - frantically trying to save her daughter. 

I want to rush her daughter to HSCT, and how to rush anyone's daughter, son, wife, husband, parent to healing after years of damaging 'maintenance' is excruciatingly frustrating, hurts my heart and soul. Will we be able to help her in time? I do not have any idea. Could we have helped her resume her active life a couple or more years back (or in the 11+ years FDA is dragging out the 'HSCT for Autoimmune Diseases' Trials going on in the USA?).  I think we could!   

Add to this one anguished Mom's story, all those you know, too.  How big does it have to get before we realize it's not OBAMACARE - it's the Oligarchy of profit-taking companies who know they can switch off the $$ blocks, and just can't bring themselves to do so because the $$ is too HUGE  - they are not people. THEY are companies. And Citizen's United, in one fell swoop, gave such soul-less entities an even MORE equal role as a voting "PERSON" in the United States. And they vote by using HUGE profit to manipulate our legislators, fund bad electorate 'yes' men - to stop research, stymie and hide viable human and earth-friendly solutions and they think that profit is KING and GOD.   HELP STOP THIS!

So, if you are stuck here with me on these days of what isolation for HSCT process is, please, when you have time (NOW!) drop back to the early postings of my blog, which are essential to why I am here, and why I want your help to get others into HSCT to get their health and lives back.

THIS is not about me - Susan Dean, having HSCT.  THIS is about healing people. LIVING!

VERY OLD CHART - now it is 47% Profit

I think of my new stem cells looking like this inside, with a big RED slash drawn across them.  I personally slashed my Rx bill more than $244,000 per year, (insurance paid, but not working to heal me) and now I'm going to have a healthy immune system. It's not MORE expensive to heal, it is only more profitable to Big Pharma if you never do. Think on that!

I'm sorry! NOTHING I hate more than pushing you back to square one, but please, if you start at the beginning of this BLOG, I know you will understand it better, and know why I am here doing HSCT. 

And now I'm going back into my isolation and to read my book, reply to business emails. Because I have a healthly long life about to be resumed. I am one of the lucky few, who should be a healthy many - help me help us all!

Stay tuned

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