Sunday, April 27, 2014

41. The "Bloods" Roller coaster Ride in Earnest:

Не в силе правда, в правде сила.                          

Power is not revealed by striking hard or often, but by striking true.

 Literal: Truth is not in power, rather power is in truth.

HSCT is the only procedure we know today that can halt autoimmune diseases - (read again)

Just a very short post (YAY) but to tell you that THIS is what isolation and HSCT is all about. These days are when the bone marrow's current supply in body diminish, and we get a bit vulnerable in several ways, (hence isolation) and the numbers are watched closely each day to see where movement is. For these first few days, movement is downward, and then (for me within 2 days of today, Dr. Fedorenko estimates) I will hit low and begin upswing as my new stem cells are putting out excellent new blood cells, the damaged DNA that underly autoimmune system illnesses having been replaced by new manufacturers of fine quality T and B (etc) cells that my body needs to run properly again. 

Here is a quick graphic to show you what mine are doing (yours will be different, but this is what we're at these isolation days: rebuilding bone marrow's manufacturing system for healthy blood cells. Again, not thrilled that my med stuff is going to be internet-proliferated, but I'm older and nobody will ever be tempted to turn me away for a job because I have this prior health issue. I am posting to help you! I already am working for my best boss ever: Myself, and she's fine with having me for an employee, HSCT is a big bonus in my company!  As is health, energy, vitality, AND good customer service. 

This is the magic of HSCT.  And I am in awe that is it both so simple, and so possible. And I am so frustrated that it is so out of reach of so many who need it done.  We'll continue to work on that last part. But for now, I am going to sit back and nap and let my new immune system build itself up.  

Still nothing to complain about - it's been an absolute dream of a procedure to go through here in Moscow, and I could not be happier!

That's all for today! A nap awaits.

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