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13.  One Person Can Make a Difference:  HSCT Feature, "60 MINUTES", Australia - Our Own Kristy Cruise + more

"Although on a conscious level a man lives for himself, he is actually being used for the attainment of humanity's historical aims. A deed once done becomes irrevocable, and any action comes together over time with millions of actions performed by other people to create historical significance."                              

                                                  Leo Tolstoy,  War and Peace

I had in mind I'd posted this link before, but I think I posted it only on Facebook and not on my blog, so I'm posting it here.

This is the recent "60 Minutes" segment featuring my friend, Kristy Cruise, a nurse who went to Moscow for her MS.  It is notable here that in Australia BIG Pharmaceutical companies cannot advertise on the media, therefore they can't hold pressure of ad revenue to keep stories like this one off the air. This would, in my opinion, never air on USA TV. Next time you watch TV, notice how many ads there are for drugs.  They're definitely not interested in this story getting out. They make far too much money on chronic illnesses.  But that is a side note.

The story is getting out anyway. Kristy, one person, has allowed her story to be used "for the attainment of humanity's historical aims" and all of us in these early years of HSCT 'cure' are doing our best to get the word out to those out there who feel alone, isolated and terrorized by their autoimmune illness as well as by the medical treatments they're allowed.  Our hope is that the collective rising flood waters of patients demanding cure will break through that dam of Big Pharma's big money blocking same, and that this treatment will soon be mainstream for all autoimmune sufferers who want it.  It's serious, true, but no more devastatingly so than the illness itself, nor the current endless maintenance drugs and IVIg side effects.  So here is Kristy's story.  

Click the photo to play 60 Minutes segment:

Kristy also appeared on "The Today Show" in Australia, and has an excellent blog:

Kristy isn't the only one. There are heroes like Lorraine Saipe, whose article appeared in her regional newspaper (also Australia):

Lorraine just got finished with her HSCT in Moscow about a week or so ago. And already she's helping others along the way, getting the word out.  

And there are quite a few others whose blogs and posts you might want to consult if you're looking for help or information regarding HSCT:

Brooke Taylor Slick is amazing! Here's her blog:  

Having named only a few, there are many many people who are working to spread the information that the Big Pharma-controled medical community seems loathe to convey. There is a viable option for remission. For MS, over 80% success rate with HSCT. From my unscientific notes over 3+ years, it's a little higher for CIDP patients, too.  HOPE!

And in the 'FILES' tab on the Facebook group, you'll find a wealth of information, but you probably have to join the site first so perhaps this link will not work:

One voice becomes many voices. Exponential in nature - the tidal wave is in action! 

Excuse me now - London awaits!

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