Friday, March 28, 2014

14. The Flood That Might Break the Dam - HSCT Patients, Themselves.

Деревья скоро садят, да не скоро с них плоды едят.
One generation plants the trees, another gets the shade.

I've been taking a break in London, filling up my senses with art and doing a little work.  My brother just emailed me, questioning if this is all a ruse to hang out in London and then Moscow, shopping and playing. And I can see how he might get that idea (he knows me).  But then he did a remarkable thing. He called me "brave".  And you know what, I am!  I might be just a shadow of my former self, but I AM a brave shadow!

I'll take that "brave" and add mine to the many who have already done this and in whose footsteps I follow, because we're learning from one another that THIS is the only thing that truly arrests the immune system's assault on our nerves, bodies.  HSCT has been around for more than 25 years, and is proven to work for cancer. Dr. Slavin, Tel Aviv, Israel, (known as the father of HSCT for autoimmune diseases) has been using it to stop the body's immune system even before cancer develops, when people with MS, or CIDP, or Sjogren's or even Lupus and many others are suffering not just their own illness, but also the serious side effects of the 'accepted' pharmaceutical treatments.  Look up Tsybari's side effects if you want to see brave!  Or those of the steroids that are often the only or last (and cheapest) treatment. They both are likely to kill you.

So 'Brave' is relative.  

But what I wanted to say is that this generation of HSCT patients are opening the door for it to become mainstream so future patients will not have to seek out clinics in far-strewn areas of the world and wait many months just to get a slot in line.  Dr. Fedorenko in Moscow is now scheduling into February, 2015, and is being flooded with applications for treatment. 

We are a flood tide.  And yes, we're brave. Just not brave enough to go through the FDA accepted treatment regimens that are not working. 

We're planting the trees so those who come after will have the shade! 

I feel brave!  And others have already provided shade for me.  I'll plant even more for you.

Day after tomorrow I fly to Moscow.  All things go well, and I begin my HSCT testing on April 7 and about 4 days later, the procedure itself.  

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